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Getting along
  • Remember that no one is easy to live with all the time.

  • People can’t always get their own way – even adults who typically set the rules in the house.

  • Communicating means both talking and listening.

  • Different opinions aren’t necessarily bad – different can be good, so long as people are respectful of differences.

  • Many kids and teens explore new opinions and tastes as part of growing up.

  • Sometimes agreeing to disagree is the best outcome. This means ending an argument when it’s clear that no one is going to “win.”

  • Remember that “winning” arguments doesn’t always matter – people can have different opinions, like supporting different teams or liking different music.

  • Try to pick a good time to talk with your family – avoid bringing up issues at the last minute or when people are busy or have other things they have to do.

  • Everyone should be respectful – try not to make hurtful personal comments.

  • Try to stay calm. If family members can’t stay calm during a discussion, ask them to try again at another, agreed upon time.