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What can you expect?

As kids develop into teens, it is normal for them to want to develop their own independence and make more of their own decisions. Though kids at this age may feel that your input isn’t needed, they do in fact still need you to check on them, to set appropriate limits and to care about their well-being.

Don’t take it personally when your teens want to be more independent. They may not want to spend as much time with you, and you may find that their bedroom door is shut a lot. It is important that you allow some freedoms as they are a normal part of teen development. However, too much independence too early can be difficult for your teens to handle.

Also note that kids and teens will value your examples a lot more than your instructions or advice during this time. If you model qualities you’d like to see in your kids – respectful communication, fairness, and keeping commitments, it is more likely that you will see these traits emerge from them in time.