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When help is hard to find

If you don’t find the help you need in the first place you look, ask a person you trust for help in finding the right place. . Many people working for schools, clinics, and other health services know how to navigate health resources well, and will help you find what you need.

If you don’t “connect” with the first person you speak to, here are some hacks for the next individual you approach about your concerns:

    1. Since it’s easy to forget any questions you might have once you are in an appointment or on the phone, write your concerns down to share with the person you plan to approach for help.

    2. If possible, go to someone who has been helpful before, and tell them that you are having trouble finding help for your child or teen. It is not unusual for people to try several helpers before they find the best fit for their situation.

    3. Provide as much detail about your situation as you possibly can. Try to tell the “story” of what is going on to the person you have approached for help.

    4. If you feel you aren’t connecting, don’t be afraid to ask for another person to talk to instead.