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When your child or teen has issues with the helping process
    1. Listen to concerns calmly and without passing judgement on the situation. Try not to take the “side” of either your child/teen or the helping professional.

    2. Express empathy. Note that seeking help can be challenging, especially when new coping methods or new ways to look at situations are introduced.

    3. Provide supportive listening to your child or teen. You may not be able to change or resolve the situation, but your support is still very important.

    4. Encourage patience.

    5. Writing thoughts down can be helpful, as well as drawing. If your child or teen finds this helpful, encourage them to record, draw or doodle their thoughts and bring these to their next appointment.

    6. Consider visiting the helping professional together, to help them share their concerns.

    7. Encourage your child or teen to take a list of their own questions and concerns to their next appointment.


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