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When to Seek Help

Families are often the first to notice concerning changes in their kid’s or teen’s emotions or behaviour. Knowing when and/or how to seek professional help for them can be difficult.

Talking to your child or teen is the usually the first step to getting help – visit Hacks for Helping Kids & Teens for more information. You can also talk to others who are involved in your child’s or teen’s life and who know them well – this may be another family member, teacher, coach, doctor, nurse or other primary care provider.

Understanding early childhood, middle childhood and teen development can help you to determine whether your family’s experience is typical of development at that age and stage or if there is cause for more concern. Healthy Child Manitoba has information on development through these years, as well as information on programs, supports and strategies in Manitoba that can help.

If concerns persist over an extended period of time or if others involved in the child's life are concerned, consider speaking with your family physician for further assessment. You could also approach your child’s school guidance counsellor or another helping professional with your concerns.


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