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Be prepared
  • Before you go:

    • Get the address and phone number of where you are going before you set out (online maps such as Google maps are reliable). Take your time and don’t rush to get there – arriving calm will help. You can also ask by phone about transportation issues such as bus routes or parking directions to make it easier.

    • Be aware that help for kids and teens usually involves families as well. You may be asked to attend the first appointment, and other appointments along the way. The family may also be asked to participate in a change process, as concerns usually affect more than just one member of a family.

    • Write down your concerns before you share them. This can help you present the most important information and stay on track.

    • Remind yourself that every family has challenges and seeking help is commonplace.

  • During your discussion:

    • Feel free to ask questions about the process. For example: What is the usual length of an appointment? Who will be present? What are the rules about confidentiality? What will your involvement be? Write down these and any other questions you may have.

    • Ask for the help of others who are involved in your child’s or teen’s life, such as other family members. Ask for their encouragement and support of your effort to get help for your family and your child or teen.