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What kind of help is available?

There are many ways of helping someone who has a mental health concern.

This website provides information as well as hacks and tips for addressing some issues yourself. Good information can provide reassurance and steer you in the right direction. Stress Hacks also has some self-checks that kids and teens can take to learn more about their own situation and what some next steps can be.

Treatment and Other Supports
This site also has information about medication and counselling options and when these options may be recommended. Counselling can help in many ways – it can provide support, help people find their strengths and cope with stress, and teach them how to use helpful activities such as exercise, meditation and relaxation.

For more places to get help, visit the Getting Help section of this website or visit Links and Resources.

What if help Is hard to find?

If you don’t find the help you need in the first place you look, ask someone you trust for help in finding the right place. Many people working at schools, clinics, agencies and programs know the available mental health resources well, and they can help you find the help you need.