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Finding Local Resources

Where to Start

If the child or youth you’re working with needs help immediately, click “Need Help Now?” on this page. You will find a list of phone numbers to call for immediate direction and guidance.

You can also go to “Getting Help” which will guide you to places to get help in your area and across Manitoba.


Who to Talk To

Depending on your role as a helper, you may have access to a mental health resource such as a community mental health worker, school guidance counsellor, school psychologist, nurse or other health practitioner. If you have concerns about a child or teen you are working with, you may consult with them regarding concerns.

If you do not have access to this type of resource, you may need to contact a referral centre by telephone. For a list of crisis numbers, click on “Need Help Now?

If the situation is not a crisis, Manitoba has Child and Adolescent Mental Health services available through the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) across the province. You can obtain more information by going to the website of your RHA and following the links to mental health services.


More Ideas

Visit Seeking Help for Youth in this section of the website to find out more about available resources to help.

You can also check out the Links and Resources section of this site for more information.