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Communicating your concern to the youth’s parent or legal guardian is the next step in accessing further assessment and/or help. Prior to contacting them, you will need to gather the reasons for your concern – these may include changes in behaviour or emotions. If you remain concerned even after having had a discussion with the child or teen, you may wish to communicate this as well. Points to keep in mind:

  • Check your confidentiality policy prior to disclosing the content of your discussions.

  • In general, it is always okay to share concerns about health and safety, but information not related to this may be kept private.

  • While there may be exceptions to the benefits of including family in the information-sharing process, the majority of family involvement is beneficial. This should always be the starting point for helpers and educators dealing with youth and their parents.

  • Families are valued and respected members of the care team.

  • Families can provide a rich source of information and context about their children and teens and their history.

  • Working relationships are based on mutual trust and respect.

For places to find local help, visit Finding Local Resources.

Information Needed to Seek Help will help you prepare for help seeking, and Preparing Youth and Families for Appointments will provide information on what youth and families may need to know.