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Development & Resources

Youth Development Resources

If you are a helper or educator dealing with students and young people, it is helpful to seek information on typical development in children and youth. A good place to start is Healthy Child Manitoba for information on early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. This information is a good starting point when considering development and will also help you to gather additional resources if necessary.

Healthy Child Manitoba also offers information on programs, supports and strategies designed to assist families, helping professionals and educators.

It is known that brain development influences youth behaviour, decision-making, and judgment among other traits, and science has made great research progress on brain development in recent years. This research has been made possible by MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) technology, which has provided researchers with new ways of viewing development and brain plasticity (how experiences reorganize neural pathways in the brain.)

Teen Mental Health offers several videos on brain development, explanations of teen behaviour, and a slideshow on “Understanding Mental Health and Mental Illness”.

The Alberta Family Wellness Institute also provides information on brain development and brain plasticity as well as links to addiction. You can access the information at

You can also visit “Links and Resources” for other helpful sites to visit. Look for the “Helpers & Educators” section.

Want more information? Find out about Curriculum Assistance and Resources or connect with online resources with Appropriate Information for Youth.