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Mental Health & Wellness

What is Mental Health?

Definitions of mental health can vary from person to person. Many different factors including cultural differences, personal beliefs and professional practices can affect a personal definition.

There are some main points that are pretty common to all the definitions of mental health, such as:

  • Being able to do day-to-day tasks without much difficulty. This can mean going to school or work, or being part of a family, a team or a group without feeling overwhelmed or having major difficulty coping.

  • Being able to deal with everyday stresses, such as tests at school, chores at home or tasks at a job.

  • Feeling a degree of satisfaction with life – generally feeling okay about most things, and thinking the things that are not okay are not too difficult to deal with.

  • Having meaningful and trusting relationships with friends and family or people at school and/or work.

Learn more about different Mental Health Concerns and read our section on What Mental Health Concerns Look Like.

Our Assessment page can help you determine when to seek help from a health professional.