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Depression Self-Check

Are you depressed?

The Depression Check is intended for use by older youth and young adults.

This self-check is a tool designed to help identify experiences related to depression. It does not provide a diagnosis. For a diagnosis you need to see a qualified professional.

Please read each statement and select the answer indicating how much the statement applied to you over the past week. There are no right or wrong answers. Try not to spend too much time on any one statement.

Reference: Lovibond, S.H. & Lovibond, P.F. (1995). Manual for the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales. (2nd Ed) Sydney: Psychology Foundation

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Question: 1 of 14

I couldn’t seem to experience any positive feeling at all.

Question: 2 of 14

I just couldn’t seem to get going.

Question: 3 of 14

I felt I had nothing to look forward to.

Question: 4 of 14

I felt sad and depressed.

Question: 5 of 14

I felt that I had lost interest in just about everything.

Question: 6 of 14

I felt I wasn’t worth much as a person.

Question: 7 of 14

I felt that life wasn’t worthwhile.

Question: 8 of 14

I couldn’t seem to get any enjoyment out of the things I did.

Question: 9 of 14

I felt down-hearted and blue.

Question: 10 of 14

I was unable to become enthusiastic about anything.

Question: 11 of 14

I felt I was pretty worthless.

Question: 12 of 14

I could see nothing in the future to be hopeful for.

Question: 13 of 14

I felt that life was meaningless.

Question: 14 of 14

I found it difficult to work up the initiative to do things.

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