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Safer alcohol use
  • choose not to drink alcohol. Sometimes friends will try to pressure you to drink when you don't want to. Here are some hacks for sticking to your decision:

    • Say you are on medication and can’t drink alcohol;
    • Take on the task of being a designated driver;
    • Say you don’t like the taste of alcohol

  • Make your own drinks without alcohol or order non-alcoholic drinks at a bar (soft drinks are often free in bars and restaurants if you tell your server you’re the designated driver)

  • If you’re over the age of 18, follow Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines when drinking alcohol;

  • Be aware of how alcohol affects you;

  • Plan ahead if you know you will be drinking alcohol – arrange a ride home and know where you're going;

  • If you drink alcohol often, try to reduce the number of times per week that you use alcohol;

  • Engage in other activities during the evening, such as dancing, playing pool or playing darts;

  • Don't drink on an empty stomach – always eat before and while drinking;

  • Have a glass of water or soft drink to quench your thirst before having your first drink;

  • Decide ahead of time how many drinks you'll have and stick to your plan;

  • As your night goes on, think about how you are feeling as you drink and slow down or stop if you're starting to feel like you're not in control;

  • Drink a glass of water or a soft drink in between alcoholic drinks;

  • Don't try to keep up with other drinkers, and avoid drinking games;

  • Know when you've had enough and say so;

  • Don't let other people top up your drinks – and finish one before starting another.


Keep yourself safe when drinking alcohol

  • Only get in a car with sober drivers – decide who will be the designated driver before you go out, do not operate any machinery or tools when drinking

  • Do not use alcohol if you are taking medication which may interact adversely with alcohol

  • Limit the use of caffeinated beverages when using alcohol, recent information indicates negative effects;

  • Drink alcohol only in the company of good friends;

  • Keep an eye out for each other – intervene if you see a friend becoming excessively drunk; and get help immediately if you find anyone unconscious after drinking alcohol

  • Never leave your drink unattended.