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Alcohol Use

A focus on health and healthy living in Canadian culture means that many young people are choosing not to drink alcohol, or to delay choosing to drink. Many youth are also choosing to set limits and follow health and safety guidelines as part of their healthy lifestyle choice.

Other young people will drink alcohol and not develop any problems, but the risk is there and it is worth getting the facts. Some factors will increase the risk of developing problems with alcohol, such as starting at a young age and using regularly.


Did you know?

Teens are still growing and developing and alcohol can harm the way the body and brain develop. Young people should speak with their parents about drinking. If choosing to drink, they should do so under parental guidance; never more than 1–2 drinks at a time, and never more than 1–2 times per week. Young people who choose to drink should plan ahead, follow local alcohol laws and consider the Safer drinking tips listed in “Canada’s Low Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines”.

If you have any concerns with your alcohol use, go the Alcohol Quiz page in this section and complete the questions. This will give you more information to understand your situation.


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