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Choose not to use, or cut down on drug use

In spite of the risks, some young people do experiment with various types of drugs. Here are some hacks to cut down on drug use:

  • Choose not to use drugs. Sometimes others will try to pressure you to use drugs when you don’t want to. Here are some hacks you can use in that situation:

    • Say you are taking a break from using drugs. You don’t have to explain your reasons. Just repeat that you are taking a break.

    • Say you are on medication and can’t use drugs.

    • Take on the task of being the designated driver.

    • Make arrangements to participate in activities and go places where drugs will not be used. Step back from the people you’ve been hanging out with, connect with new influences and re-set your mindset.

Other Hacks include:

  • Use drugs in moderation;

  • Take a holiday from your drug use;

  • Decide ahead of time how much you will use, and stick to your plan; and

  • Don’t try to keep up with others who are using. Know your own limit and stick to it.


Keep yourself safe if using drugs

  • Be careful any time you are offered drugs. Do you know the person well? Are there extra risks involved, such as being by yourself or being with people you don’t know?

  • If trying a substance for the first time, take a small amount and see what the effects are. Are there clues to how the drug might affect you? How is it affecting others who use it? (Keep in mind there are no accurate predictors as to how a drug will affect someone, as the effects can be different for everyone.)

  • Know who you are buying from, and try to avoid buying drugs from a stranger. Also keep in mind it is unlikely that the seller knows the origin and ingredients of the drug.

  • If you decide to get high, be sure you are with people you trust and who know what to do in an emergency

  • Don’t go by what others say about drugs – do your research first and find out the facts. Also remember that the effects of a drug are different for everyone.

  • Try to avoid spontaneous drug use and always consider the risks.

  • Don't share needles, pipes or any other equipment.

  • Do not drive while under the influence of anything – drugs or alcohol.

  • Avoid using different drugs (including alcohol) in combination at the same time.