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Exercise Hacks

Here are some ways exercise can happen without much effort:

Sports - sports involve exercise, movement, sometimes playing on a team, and learning new skills. These are all fun activities to most kids, and getting involved is usually positive and helps you to have fun and grow.

Find out how you can get involved – are there teams at your school you can join? Is there a community centre nearby with some organized sports? Is there a particular sport you are interested in that you can get lessons in – such as swimming or hockey? If your family can’t afford the fees for joining or the equipment, there are ways to get this for free. Ask your school counsellor or other adult to help you find out about Sport Manitoba or other free ways to play.

Playing outside – You can run, jog, walk or see how many times you can play hopscotch in a row – even if you’re on your own. You can pick up your skateboard and practice skills or throw a ball against a wall and catch it to get better at that! You can do many activities outside and being active can make you feel good.

If you have friends around, you can make teams and play simple, fun games – tag, hide and seek, hoops, pick-up softball, bingo or red rover. If you don’t know of any games, ask an adult to teach you the games they played as kids!

Gyms – some gyms have free time for kids to come and participate in sports. Ask your gym teacher if your school offers this. It can be a fun way to learn a new game or sport and make new friends too. You can also check with your local community centre, Boys and Girls Club or YMCA to see if there are any free or open gym times offered there.

Working Out at Home – it can be tough to get out to exercise sometimes. Here are some hacks to get you moving around at home. There are lots of free videos online to work out with.

If you don’t have internet, you can dance to your favourite song. You can also do some exercises from your gym class at school such as sit-ups, jumping jacks, or yoga poses. School libraries also have books you can take out to learn yoga or other exercise moves to do at home.