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Hacks for stopping

There are also some hacks that can help you to stop self-harming:

    1. Wait 10 minutes. Trying your best to put off the self-harming action can help stop the urge to act on feelings of being overwhelmed and in pain. Ten minutes can give you enough time to think it through and find another way to cope or manage, such as writing down your thoughts, listening to music or doing something physical like going for a walk or run.

    2. Go somewhere where you can’t self-harm. This might be a shared space at home like the living room (remove all sharps and self-harm objects first) or a school (have no self-harm objects on you). Try to wait out the urge to self-harm while in this environment, and try to think of another way to deal with your pain while you wait.

    3. Purge yourself and environment of sharps. Get rid of any objects that you use, or could use, to self-harm. Go through your bedroom and bathroom and throw away anything that you have used or may use for this purpose. By removing potentially harmful items from your environment, you can relieve some of the impulse you might have to self-harm.

    4. Talk to someone. Instead of acting on the urge to self-harm, call someone that you know could help – a counsellor, a trusted family member or friend or a crisis phone line number. Visit Getting Help for more places to get help.

    5. Use a less risky method to relieve feelings. Some people have had success by using a less risky way to feel physical pain – like snapping an elastic band on your wrist or working out really hard.