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teen reading bookSleep is an important part of staying healthy – both your body and mind need enough sleep to feel good and perform well. When you are sleeping your mind and body are growing and developing. And if you’ve been sick, sleep is part of getting better.

But how much sleep do you really need? Experts say about 9-10 hours of sleep per night. (If you have been sick or are really stressed, you might need more!)

There are many reasons why we sometimes have trouble sleeping. Here are a few:

Click the box if one applies to you!

worrying about something
being hungry
drinking colas (or anything with caffeine)
School problems
friend problems
problems in your family
staying up late with activities (e.g. video games or TV
having pains or feeling sick
fears (e.g. being alone or being afraid of the dark)
if you have a phone - keeping it on
bad dreams or fears of having bad dreams
other (write down your other concern)

How many have you checked off? Are there ways you can change some of the reasons you might be having trouble sleeping? Go to Sleeping Hacks to learn more.

You can also use the Sleep Diary to keep track!