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kid checking his phoneBullying happens when a person is mean to another.

Bullying can be:

  • pushing, shoving or other hurtful actions
  • calling someone names
  • putting down someone’s clothes or the way they look
  • putting down how someone else talks
  • shutting someone out from play, games and groups

Any action that singles someone out or makes a person feel bad can be bullying – and it’s not limited to kids.

In your age group, however, bullying tends to happen to kids who might have trouble defending themselves – maybe they are smaller in size, have fewer friends to defend them or look and act differently from most of the kids in school or on the playground. Maybe the bullied kid is new to school, and doesn’t have friends yet.

We’ve all seen kids bullied, Maybe you’ve been bullied or even joined into bullying someone else.

It doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past. Now that you’ve come to this page to learn more, you can join in to stop the bullying and get hacks to help deal with being bullied.


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