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Protecting yourself from bullies
  • Keep usernames and passwords private. Do not share access info with friends or boyfriends and girlfriends as this can go badly if the relationship changes or if there are disagreements or conflicts.

  • Learn how to use the privacy settings on social media so that random users can’t see the page, or post comments and material

  • Do not interact with bullies or harassers – this means logging out, stopping messaging and not replying when angry.

  • Share your concerns with a trusted friend or family member, but do not get others involved in the communication. Involving others in the online war can have a snowball effect, bring more attention to the problem and prompt people to take sides, which can end up being a larger problem.

  • Try to discuss any issues in an open and non-blaming manner, whether with your friends or family. Try to stay focused on stopping harassment, rather than how things got started in the beginning.