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School Stress
  • Try to be honest and talk about the things that are bugging you. (It’s hard for adults to help you if all you say is “school sucks!”)

  • It’s best to give as much information as you can so they can really understand.

  • Try to figure out what about school is bothering you – is it the tests, a subject, other kids, the group work, recess time or a certain teacher?

  • Maybe something going on at home is making you worry. Worries at home can come to school with you and that makes it harder to have a good day. Try to talk about it if this is the problem.

  • If you can figure out what the problem is, it’s a lot easier to fix. But if you don’t know what is bothering you, even just talking about your feelings can help.

  • If talking it out isn’t helping make sure you say that too. Sometimes another way is needed to solve a problem. And you can look for it together.

If these hacks aren’t working, you may need to try some fixes.