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Prepare before you go to an Appointment

Be aware that talking to someone means you will be asked some questions. They might seem nosy or personal, but help usually starts by finding out what is the concern you need help with.

If you are concerned about the questions or about sharing your information, you can ask the professional about confidentiality. (Who will know your information? Will it be shared with anyone without you knowing about it?) In Manitoba there are laws covering confidentiality of health and personal information and you can ask questions about how this applies to the help you are getting.

Getting started usually means trying to name the concerns you are having. You could write them down and make a list, or just list them in your head.

Have you taken one of the self checks on this site, and do the results indicate you need to get some additional help? If so, tell the person you have chosen. Most offices have computers, and you can show them this site, and what you found out.

How often do these feelings or concerns bother you? You might get asked this question, so preparing for it ahead of time can help.