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How Can Someone Else Help?

Teens are sometimes reluctant to get help because they can’t imagine how someone else can help their situation. It can seem hopeless to them. Sometimes previous attempts at getting help haven’t worked out.

Here are some ways that a helping professional might be able to help your situation.

  • Teaching coping skills
    Coping skills are skills that help you to deal with problems, and they do not always come naturally. There are programs and counselling methods to teach these skills if you want to learn more.

  • Providing support and understanding
    Even if a professional can’t change certain aspects of your life they can listen, provide support, understanding and offer some ideas for you to try on your own.

  • Providing information on other services or agencies that might provide concrete help such as financial assistance, food banks, how to get safe housing or other types of help.

  • Reflecting to you what they might think is an underlying issue. Sometimes you can’t really see your own issues, as there can be many factors causing confusion or difficulty. A professional can sometimes see issues more clearly, and help you figure out the root cause of some concerns.

And if your first attempt at getting help by talking to a professional and sharing your story doesn’t work out for you – try again.