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Who to talk to

Do you know who you want to speak to? Possible choices include a guidance teacher at your school, your doctor, a phone-line counsellor, nurse at a teen clinic or someone else you trust.

If you can’t think of a person, do you know any friends who have gotten help? Can you ask them how they went about it?

Can you ask a parent, family member, or trusted friend of the family for help in finding someone?


How to talk about your feelings

Sharing feelings helps you to not feel alone, and can help you find ways to solve the problems under the feelings. And if you need more help, often a helping person can make that happen too.

  • Try to make an appointment or find a private time to ask for help.

  • If you find it hard to get started write something down and give it to your support person.

  • Try to give examples of what’s bothering you so they really understand.

  • Try to be specific and tell a story. Phrases like “my life sucks” let’s a person know you are not feeling great, but don’t help in figuring out what the concern is.

  • Try to be honest and give as much detail as you can.