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Signs of ADHD

Symptoms are not necessarily present all the time and this list should not be used to diagnose yourself or someone else. It’s meant to provide general information. If you think you are experiencing a mental health disorder, see your doctor.


A person:

  • Often starts many activities without finishing
  • Often makes careless mistakes
  • Has difficulty following instructions through
  • Is easily distracted by things such as noise
  • Will avoid tasks that need a lot of attention
  • Has difficulty paying attention to lessons, lectures and instructions
  • Has organizational problems in many areas
  • Loses things, and often not dressed for the weather (no gloves or is still wearing a heavy coat on nice days)


A person:

  • Has difficulty staying in one place (such as sitting in a desk or in a group)
  • Runs around or climbs on furniture instead of focusing
  • Fidgets, talks a lot, talks or makes other noises during quiet time


A person:

  • Has difficulty waiting in line or to take their turn
  • Is impatient at times and gets frustrated easily
  • Rushes into things without realizing consequences
  • Takes risks
  • Repeats mistakes
  • Interrupts or blurts out answers to questions