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Recovering from Anxiety

We’ve made a lot of progress in understanding and treating anxiety disorders.

Treatment is tailored to the severity of the disorder (for more mild anxiety disorder talk therapy would likely be recommended, while medication may be used for more severe disorders).

The most effective forms of treatment are based on cognitive (thought) and behavioural (action) counselling approaches, as well as meditation and other calming exercises.

Medication can be prescribed and monitored by a doctor to treat anxiety.

Above all, remember anxiety is very treatable and recovery is expected. With help from a mental health professional, and support from family and friends, problems with anxiety are treatable, and recovery is possible.

You can think of recovery as part of a personal journey to feel a degree of control over your life, and to have meaningful relationships with people you trust – whether they are family members, friends, or people at school or work.

Recovery also means different things to each person. For some, recovery means that symptoms will not persist, while for others, recovery means learning to live a full life despite any ongoing symptoms.