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Managing Feelings

There are a few hacks you can do at home to help manage times when you feel a lot of not-so-good stressed feelings.

Pause. Connect. Reset.

PAUSE and take time out from the situation causing you stress and stressed out feelings.

Can you find a private space to think some calming thoughts? Calming thoughts can include thinking of family members you love and who are helpful to you.

Calming thoughts can also be a special place to you, where you are happy and feel safe – this could be your house, your yard, or a special relative’s house. Calming thoughts can be anything you can think of that brings on a sense of peace and quiet.

CONNECT with someone you find helpful, like a relative or friend who helps you feel calm and safe. If you can reach out and share your feelings or even just spend time with someone who is a safe person for you it can help calm feelings that are causing you stress.

CONNECT with music you like that is calming and soothing. (Try to avoid music that would get you excited and revved up – save that music for when you are playing sports or dancing.)

RESET your mood and feelings to a more positive place with an activity that helps. A warm bath can be good for improving mood. Eating something healthy can help, too – a snack like an apple, cheese and crackers or a small treat can lift your mood (especially if you are actually hungry which can affect your stress level)

RESET your mood with exercise. Doing something active can help you feel better and take away stressful thoughts and feelings. Kids have told us they feel differently after going for a walk or run, or going to the park and throwing a ball around. Somehow being active takes away stress and resets your mood to something more positive.