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Many kids wonder if what they’re feeling is normal or if other kids are feeling the same things.

Is there cause for concern? Or are the feelings you have pretty much the same as most kids?

First – all feelings are OK! It’s not bad to have any feeling. Feelings are a normal part of life – even scary and worrying feelings like feeling really angry, really nervous, or feeling like hurting someone else or even yourself. These kinds of feelings happen to many of us when we’re under stress… you are not alone!

Sharing your feelings with someone you trust can be a good thing to do. It can help you figure out what is causing the feelings, and what to do about them.

If sharing your feelings seems too personal, you can try to write them down to figure them out. Once you have your feelings on paper, they may not seem so worrying. (Get information on writing about your feelings and working things out.)

If you think you are feeling sad, scared or angry too much of the time, you should ask for help.

If your feelings are really worrying you, it may be time to get help.

Seek help if:

  • You have thoughts of hurting yourself or self-harming behaviors (Seek emergency help immediately)

  • Worrying feelings are a constant part of your everyday

  • You are having trouble sleeping many nights

  • You are having frequent melt downs, temper tantrums or are acting out aggressively to others

  • You are having more trouble with feelings than before


For more places to get help, visit “Getting Help” or go to “Need Help Now?” on this page.