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Making a decision

If your friend is not opening up to you and isn’t open to seeking help from someone, you have a decision to make. Are you concerned enough that you need to tell someone else about it? If so – who?

  • Is there someone else who can help you with this problem – your own parent or family member? A trusted counsellor or teacher? Sometimes we need another opinion to know what to do.

  • Would your parent, family member, counsellor or teacher go with you to talk to your friend?

  • Does your friend have a parent or family member you would feel comfortable talking to?

  • Would it help to put your concern in writing for them to read?

Even if you think the problem is a secret, you may need to share it with someone who can help. Most problems don’t go away by themselves and secrets have a way of coming out.

You should seek help with your friend if they report the following:

  • Thoughts of suicide, hurting others or self-harming behaviors. Seek emergency help immediately.

  • Worrying feelings as a constant part of their everyday

  • Trouble sleeping a lot of the time

  • Frequent melt downs, temper tantrums or are acting out aggressively to others

  • Having more trouble with feelings than before