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Need Help Now?
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Getting Help

Who to talk to?

The person you choose should be someone you are comfortable with. A parent, brother or sister, friend, family member, or Elder, teacher or counsellor are all possibilities. The important thing is that you feel safe with them, can trust them, and can talk to them.

The person should also be helpful. Someone who usually tries to help you out is a good bet.


Getting Help

You should seek help if you can agree to one or more of the following statements:

  • I have thoughts of hurting myself or self-harming behaviors. If this happens seek emergency help immediately by going to the “Need Help Now?” page.

  • Worrying feelings are a constant part of my everyday

  • I have trouble sleeping

  • I have frequent meltdowns, temper tantrums or act out aggressively to others

  • I have more trouble with feelings than before

  • Trying self-help tips has not helped me