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Mental Health for Teens

teen talking to kidWhat does mental health and wellness mean for teens?

It might help to think of mental health as a state of wellbeing.

Mental wellness allows teens to grow and learn, to deal with the usual stresses, take part in school, work and recreation and be part of their family and community.

Terms like mental health and mental wellness can mean different things to different people but experts recognize a few key points as the markers of mental wellness:

  • Being able to do the daily tasks of life without much difficulty. That can mean going to school, to work, or being part of a family, a team, or a group without feeling overwhelmed and having major difficulty coping.

  • Being able to deal with day to day stresses – such as tests at school, chores at home, or tasks at a job.

  • Having some meaningful relationships with people you trust – whether they are family members, friends, or people at school or at work.

  • Feeling a degree of satisfaction with life – this does not mean everything has to be perfect – but generally feeling OK about most things, and the things that are not OK are not too difficult.


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