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What is self-acceptance?

Self-acceptance is similar to self-esteem, but is less about feeling bad and more about:

  • Loving yourself as you are, flaws included.

  • Loving who you are today – not who you want to be down the road or after you have achieved a goal for yourself (for example, loving yourself only after you lose weight, make a team or pass a test).

  • Taking care of yourself daily.

  • Having compassion for yourself – especially when you mess up a situation or make a mistake. Being able to forgive yourself is a big part of self-acceptance.

  • Having compassion towards others, also helps to develop compassion for yourself. Try to practice being non-judgmental towards others, and try to understand that everyone’s life has challenges and struggles, just like yours does.

If you accept yourself for who you are, you are more likely to make better choices in all areas of your life. Making good choices means that you will be better able to achieve other goals and develop other abilities.

Self-acceptance means knowing no one is perfect and understanding that everyone has value – including you. A sense of humour is a great way to develop self-acceptance. Laughing at yourself from time to time can help you to accept your unique qualities and promotes a sense of well-being.